Interior Design Services

Aristeia has a dedicated design service alongside our project management, construction, and planning arm. Although this is charged out separately at a day rate, it is an integrated part of our business. So as a matter of principle, we are always here as a sounding board and for general design advice. Clients benefit from having our dual capabilities from the offset, enabling us to plan the project as a whole, with foresight, from start to finish.

We value making the property ownable to the client rather than Aristeia. 

We have outlined below in more depth some of our additional design capabilities.  We can carry out the below, plus project manage the run up, and execution of these works.  We work in any capacity so if you require us to manage all craftsman/suppliers and payment schedules etc (as we would for the construction build) or simply help with the overall top line aesthetic we can.

  • Mood Boards/ room style and looks / flooring / doors / different colour and flow options, including floor finishes / lighting / curtains / upholstery / any other design elements etc
  • Room layouts and design – working with any existing pieces or starting fresh as discussed. It is always beneficial to incorporate thinking early on especially for areas such as kitchens and bathrooms etc.
  • Fabric sourcing and advising – including visits to all showrooms etc. We can do this alone then share, or advise you where to go and then look through your choices collaboratively.
  • Item  sourcing / shopping – for any bespoke furniture.  Dealing with specialist furniture makers or craftsmen, and drawings associated. 
  • Joinery design – including drawings and 3D modelling, for e.g. for your library (additional cost). 
  • Coordination of any soft furnishing or upholstery – fabric choices –
  • On site furniture placement.

With all the above options, numerous samples, designs, would be provided for sign off and agreement.  It is very much a collaborative process and we love to work with you as much (or as little) as you would like so that it really becomes a space that works effortlessly, and is ownable to you.  

Our day rate is £500 + VAT per day.  If it is something you like the idea of we could of course set a list of areas and a budget to each with you to ensure that you are happy with the cost and receive the level of input and assistance you require.   We have a great network of suppliers and hope that our fee on completion is actually covered by the discounts we can get you.